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horse riding business, equestrian holidays horseranch, Ecuador, Quito for sale

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Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

  • € 435,000

  • 17024

  • 250 m2

  • 100000 m2

  • 1 Bath

  • 2 Bed

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The ranch is a German operated horse ranch, operative for 22 years, located at the bottom of a volcanic crater close to Quito, capital of Ecuador. According to “International Living”, Ecuador is the number-one-country for expats for the last 5 years in a row.
They are specialize on trail-rides through the Western Andes since 1995 and are known to be the oldest and most experienced horse ride operator in the country and even South-America.
The ranch is situated in the middle of the 6-kilometer-wide volcanic crater, at the same time a national park, right on the equator line.

VALUE FRAME IN NUMBERS - Sales offer 485.000 USD
Total sales offer is 485.000 USD. This can be divided to capital assets and intangible assets. Offers can be presented.
- Capital assets: 390.000 USD
- Market value of the real estate (without business) at this location: 350’000 USD
- Horses, riding materials and tooling equipment: 40’000 USD
including: 10 hectares of fully fenced pasture land, training round-pen, saddle place, big saddle barn, tool and feeding room, equipement room for tourists, all necessary riding gear, shoeing place, farm house, garden benches, guest toilet, big water tanks, permanent running water from mountain spring with registered water rights, own power transformator, fast speed internet installations, fruit trees, 24 friendly and well trained horses and all their equipement, saddles, bridles, halters, brushes, shoeing tools and materials, veterinarian medicine etc

Intangible assets: >100’000 USD
- Perpetual source of revenues per year approximately 700 guests
- guest volume easily expandible with additional activities
- well established in the market since more than 20 years
- umerous well connected business contacts like national and international travel agencies, suppliers,shops etc.
- customer registrations reaching back to 2010/ mailing list
- Ranch Name
- Website content
- Elaborated riding routes
- Future potential

The ranch posesses high-speed internet, abundant water resources, own power transformer, and 10 hectares (aprox. 25 acres) of fully fenced and devided pasture land. Additional 15 hectares (aprox. 40 acres) of grazing land can be used freely or rented cheaply from the neighbour properties.

You can find any type of climate and vegetation from fertile traditional Andean farmland, high paramo grass-lands, cloud-forest covered mountains, deep river canyons, lush tropical jungles to cactus-studded desert-like landscapes within our riding area. The property itself occupies the most spectacular location within the park, surrounded on 3 sides by canyons, offering wide open views on breathtaking scenery.
The property is used as a riding ranch, with constantly growing touristic demand, international recognition and an expanding close-by turistic infrastructure. But its location, soil and climate would allow many different additional uses (see business opportunities).
Area has favorable conditions for new investments: government favors and supports touristic development in the area. National park regulations allow 2000 m2 of constructions with a maximum of 2 stories, would mean a total of 4000 m2 feasible. Low restrictions, low-price labor
Increasing demand for other activites
Besides the daily riding tours, we are also getting more demand for group tourism, where often not everyone in a group wants to ride, so that clients, organizations and agencies are looking more often for multi-day and multi-activity stays.It is the ideal moment of time to increase the ranch’s infrastructure and activities if desired.
The property and location would be ideal for the construction of turistic cabañas with amazing views, which due to the mild climate could be build with low cost local material. The neighbourhood to an impressive canyon would allow the construction of zip-lines directly from the property, access to volcanic springs close by, possibility of building a Spa in the most unique setting. Multiple trails invite the visitor for hiking, biking, orchid-watching or birding. Climate and setting are furthermore ideal for orchid-farming on the property itself.

Of course, depending on interests and intentions, future ranch owners could also just continue the successful riding-business as it is, or use the property as a unique, peaceful private home, with beautifull surroundings for horse-breeding or similar.

Property location, climate and structure are suitable for various different businesses
Riding business
Horse breading
Sheep or cattle breading
Orchid farming
Organic farming
Tree nursery
Fruit and Avocado farming
Country-side home
Volcano Spa
Tourist lodging
Adventure and nature sports such as riding, hiking, birding, biking, canyoning, zip-lining
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Future development of the ranch and the area
The business volume has been increasing significantly over the last few years and there seems to be a clear demand for riding and other services nearby Quito. The Ranch has already established a stable position in attracting tourists for riding tours. Our recommendations on Tripadvisor and other social media spread continuously and the high ranking attracts new tourists constantly.
Pululahua is now the closest recreation area to the newly built South American Parliament UNASUR and one of the most popular weekend destinations for Quito. Lately built highway is likely to increase the interest of people from Quito as well as other areas.

VIDEO a mix of all fotos - https://youtu.be/_5VnWv-H6GQ


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Notice: Please take note that we have not seen this property ourselves and have relied on the photos and description given to us. We do not, therefore, accept any responsibility for its contents.


  • in herrlicher Nature und doch nur 40 km von der Ha


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horse riding business, equestrian holidays horseranch, Ecuador, Quito for sale

Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Price € 435,000   Ref.17024

Contact us about this property:

horse riding business, equestrian holidays horseranch, Ecuador, Quito for sale

Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Price € 435,000   Ref.17024

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